Author Topic: Current List of Manufactures that I use...  (Read 1197 times)


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Current List of Manufactures that I use...
« on: August 03, 2016, 03:10:53 PM »
Generally speaking I use Motorola mobile radios with the 16 pin output.. They usually are fairly reliable and some radios like the cm200 has a very large cooling fin area where fans can be added to increase the life of the radio..

Remember we use our radios in Repeat mode so here is the list..

URI We use a Usb Radio Interface board from DMK Engineering it generally works and with me their customer support has been great!

Now for the Computer.. Their are many options you can use a Raspberry Pi or if your like me we use old Pcs

If your using an old pc you might want to run it off of 12 volts with a pico power supply   (Warning you want one that regulates the power)

Now we need cables to connect to your URI you can either build your own or purchase them..

Here is where i have purchased before and it seems to work.

I hope this helps